I am Elodie Lesme, Digital Nomad and Business Referent within a business accelerator that helps people to grow professionally and increase their income.

On this blog I share with you tools and technics I’ve learnt around the world, with successful entrepreneurs, to take action and regain control over your life !

I share with you what helps me to become more confident, feel serene, and switch between hairstylist and waitress to shareholder and director of operation within an international technology company, in 1 year and 3 months only, after 15 years of anxiety and stress crisis ! 

My program is addressed to men and women who wants more in their life, regain control over their life, feel happier and satisfied, and live a life where they feel comfortable !

“I promised myself that the next time I would travel, it would be as an entrepreneur working around the world.

I didn’t when or how, but I was determined!”

The blog


Inspiration – Determination – Action !

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After being trained and working with the greatest names in the beauty and fashion industry, I decided to leave everything for realizing my dream to travel. I trained myself in Australia, alongside a successful entrepreneur and international speaker, in self-development and self-mastery.

I am currently working in collaboration with a business accelerator that helps people who wants to progress professionally and wants to generate more income.

I share in my programs, what I have learnt from my mentors and from my experiences, to inspire you and to help you reconciling ambitions, personal fulfilment and quality of life!

My name is Elodie Lesme

Member of a business accelerator that helps people who wants to progress professionally and generate more income, I’m also certified in Life Coaching, Self-Mastery and Neuro Linguistic Programing (NLP), within one of the most important personal growth company of Australia.

I help people to feel capable to succeed, accomplish their projects and reconcile ambition, personal fulfilment and quality of life.

You want to find inspiration back to carry your projects out and reconcile ambitions, personal fulfilment, and quality of life? 

You don’t know how to start nor how to do? 

In that guide, you will find how to take action and be bold in 10 steps, whatever your situation is!

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