Nice to meet you, I am Elodie Lesme!

“I promised myself that the next time I would travel, it would be as an entrepreneur working around the world. I didn’t when or how but I was determined!”

After 8 years of work and study in the fashion and beauty industry, I decided to realize my dream of travelling.

I have, thus, lived in Oceania for a year and a half, before coming back to France, In April 2020, period during which I took the opportunity to retrain myself and launch my business!

I promised myself that the next time I would travel, it would be as an entrepreneur, working around the world. I didn’t know when or how but I was determined!

Today, I’m a member of a business accelerator that helps people who wants to progress professionally or generate more income, and I’m also certified in Life Coaching, Self-Mastery and NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) ,  within the #1 Australia’s personal growth company.

My goal is to teach you what I’ve learnt from my mentors and from my experiences, to take action and live a life that inspire you !

If you had a solution to feel capable to succeed and achieve your projects, and reconcile projects, quality of life and personal fulfillment, would you be interested?

I am Elodie Lesme,

I help people to feel capable to succeed, accomplish their projects and reconcile ambition, personal fulfilment, and quality of life.

« Dreaming is good, living your dream is better ! »


What made me live those experiences?

My positive and determined state of mind! I am not thinking, I am doing it.

I keep smiling whatever happened and I am always keen to live new adventures! I am thirsty for living and learning, and the difficulties and responsibilities motivate me to surpass myself!

There is something I have learnt on myself during my trips. My ignorance sometimes and my spontaneity help me to do things without thinking. Because I do not realize the extent of the project, I am starting it easily! When the problems come, I learn how to manage them and grow from that experience.

You do not need to know how doing it, you just need to surround yourself with the right persons.

My inspiration

Some persons with whom I had, and I still have for some of them, the chance to train myself and work with:

Fabienne Perdereau

Expert in Corporate Identity and Communication

Delphine Courteille

Studio Hairstylist, working with celebrities, known as one of the best hairstylist in Paris

Ines de La Fressange

Model and French fashion figure

Christina Galbato

American luxury blogger, travel aficionado, online educator and serial entrepreneur

Calvin Coyles

Australian award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, best-selling author

Kodzo Gawu

Entrepreneur, Investor, Producer, Speaker … with more than 20 years of experience in business

My Favorite Things!

A glass of wine and a good meal

To travel, my freedom

To discover and learn new things


To meet new people and sharing

Challenges and new activities

You want to find inspiration back to carry your projects out and reconcile ambitions, personal fulfilment, and quality of life? 

You don’t know how to start nor how to do? 

In that guide, you will find how to take action and be bold in 10 steps, whatever your situation is!

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